Being a Supermodel for Christ


Hey Lovebugs :)

I just finished giving God a standing ovation.  So, He was teaching me about humility vs. pride and also, about how it’s ALL about Him while we’re just the vessels He uses to fulfill His Will on Earth! So check this out!  The same way that we are vessels being used by Christ is the same way models are referred to as “hangers” wearing clothes.  What am I talking about?  I’m glad you asked :)

Back in my modeling days (yes, don’t let the height fool you Owww!), we always referred to models as hangers, meaning a model’s sole purpose is to make the clothes they are modeling look good.  Before fashion shows, we practiced. We put many, many hours into practice, learning routine, choreography, etc.  ALL of this for the sole purpose of getting people to BUY THE DAG ON CLOTHES!  How does this relate to Christ?  We are the models, the hangers FOR HIM!  We are here to make HIM look good!  The way we walk, talk, act, live, solve problems, etc is all for the purpose of bringing glory to His name.  It’s ALL about Him, NOT us, always has been, always will be.  Our purpose is to become more like Him to make Him look attractive in order to reclaim His lost sheep.  We practice by preparing.  We prepare by reading, studying, meditaing and applying the Word to our lives.  Making Him look good goes WAY beyond ministry. Think of it as an EVERYDAY fashion show. Better yet, A LIFESTYLE!  So the next time someone gets on our nerves or does/says something that we don’t like, take that as an opportunity to be a hanger and make Christ look SO good that the person will want to know what (actually WHO) we have on ;-)


Amy :)


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