Balancing An Out of Control Life

Hey Beautiful People!

A trip to the doctors revealed that I need to make some drastic (well maybe not drastic… how about very important) lifestyle changes.  Now being a wife, mother of four, owner of my own company & women’s group, and 50 million other job titles, I can acknowledge how taking care of myself has fallen to the bottom of my to-do list.  I always tell myself after this last email I’ll take a break or as soon as I finish this, I’m done, but nine times out of ten, I never stop.

The times have definitely changed compared to when my parents were my age.  Everything is so fast paced and needs our attention, from the kids, to the bosses, to the clients, to family & friends.  But by the time we get to us, we have pretty much no energy left.  Houston… we have a problem!

But how in the world can we begin to make lifestyle changes when our lives are so demanding???

1. Pray & Meditate.  First of all, God is the reason why we wake up in the first place so why not begin each day with prayer and thanksgiving.  Thank God for His love, goodness and mercy, how He kept you and your family through the night, how He provides for you on a daily basis.  So many of us begin our days in a frenzy but spending time with God being still & quiet as soon as you wake up can have a positive impact on your day! TRUST ME!

2. Everything/Everyone is NOT a priority.  I don’t know what it is about us that we have to make everything a priority.  Things are only as important as we make them.  We’ve all been told to never make someone a priority when we are only an option to them.  The same should be applied to situations in our lives.  We all want to be there for everyone but we are only ONE person who can only be in ONE place at ONE time.  We have to start saying YES to ourselves and NO to some things and some people!

3. GO TO BED!  A good night’s rest = very important. Watching TV when we should be in bed = not important.  We all know that we function WAY better when we get a good night’s sleep. When God gives you the opportunity to rest, be obedient and rest!

4.  Evaluate your circle.  Take inventory of those closest to you.  Do they encourage you?  Do they celebrate your accomplishments with you? Are they positive?  Negative people can be energy drainers.  Be careful to surround yourself with people who will build you up, then return the favor.

5. Say no! Yes it’s ok to say no.  You do NOT have to say yes to everyone who asks you something.  Over loading your plate is not cute or sexy. It’s actually stressful!  Do NOT believe that being Superwoman makes you more attractive.  Setting limits & boundaries can create more time for the most important things in life, like spending time with God, family, friends and yes, YOURSELF!

6. Effectively manage your time. If we surveyed your life for a week, what would we see?  What do you spend majority of your life doing? For one week, take inventory of your life.  First make a schedule of the things that you have planned for the week (church, job/career/business, dr appts, gym, etc.)  Next, allot times for each activity.  Allow yourself some wiggle room because things do come up.  Finally, really REALLY push yourself to do what you need to do at the time you need to do it.  For some, this may be  a challenge because we always “I’ll get to it in one second” or “Gimme five more minutes”  NOPE, do it NOW!

7.  RELAX/HAVE FUN!!  Lord Lord Lord, this is one area that God has TRULY been working on me with. I’m a recovering workaholic so it does not feel good to be forced to sit down.  We should do this willingly.  Everyone always tells me “Even GOD rested Amy!”  Yes… I know   There is nothing wrong with having fun.  I repeat: there is nothing wrong with having fun.  There is however a time to have fun.  Make sure that your responsibilities are taken care of.  Don’t leave anything unfinished because when you’re done having fun, who wants to come back to a half done project anyway :-/

Welp, I hope this starts you off on the right path to healthier lifestyle changes.  We are all a work in progress so NO ONE just gets it on the first try (well no one I know!)  We have to take one step at a time, give it our best and wait for the results to start manifesting.  I KNOW I can do it and I know you can too!

If you need more help with balancing your lifestyle, email us at TODAY to schedule your one on one session!

Amy :)


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