31 Days of Prayer

Hello Lovebugs!

Tomorrow,  we will officially begin 31 Days of Prayer!  The purpose of 31 Days of Prayer is to draw closer to God and to strengthen our relationship with Him through prayer. For each day,  we will have a prayer topic to focus on and I highly recommend you have a pen, journal and Bible present throughout this time. 

These days of prayer are not to be taken lightly. This is an opportunity to draw closer to God. This is an opportunity to turn from our sins and turn back to God. It is my prayer that we have repentant hearts and truly seek after the Lord and everything concerning Him.

We are living in the last and evil days and I believe God loves His children too much to see any perish. Will you take the next 31 days to cultivate your relationship with the Lord?  Are you willing to learn more about God and yourself in prayer?  Are you ready to give God what He wants from you? 

If you are my brothers and sisters,  then let the journey begin!

Amy :)


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