RPR turns 5!


Hey Lovies :)

I cannot believe it's been FIVE WHOLE YEARS since I received the vision for what is now Roxie's Powder Room! I can remember exactly where I was when I received it. 

I had just gotten laid off from my job and God made it clear to me that He wanted me to go back to school. One night, I was in my kitchen, talking with God. He created a deep stirring within my spirit to do something involving women. With a pen in my hand, I began writing down the ideas that God was given me and thus, Roxie's Power Room was born! 

These last five years have been nothing short of amazing!  God has done some wonderful things with the Powder Room and I'm so glad He chose me to go along for the ride.  Through all of the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, God has been so good to me and this business and I look forward to see what He does in the next 5!!


Amy :)


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