Double B


Good Morning Beautifuls :)

Wanna talk to you all this morning about "B&B" Balance & Boundaries.  We as woman have the ability to juggle the many hats that we wear during the course of our lives.  Oftentimes, we're wives, mothers, sistafriends, business owners, employees, students and the list goes on and on.  I know that we dare not complain about all that the Lord has blessed us with but that comes a point where we have to initiate "B&B": Balance & Boundaries!

There's no way around the responsibilities that we have so we have to do our best when it comes to balancing them.  Balance means "an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady".  In other words, we have to make sure that we're giving our responsibilities and tasks equal attention so that WE can remain steady!  This is where Boundaries comes in.  Simply put, we CANNOT do EVERYTHING!  Let me repeat this: Yes, we are built Ford tough, yes, we can make it all look easy however at the end of the day, we CANNOT do EVERYTHING!  What does that mean?  Sometimes, we have to say NO!  We will run ourselves into the ground trying to be everything to everybody. In the end, we will be left burnout, irritated and annoyed.  There is nothing wrong with saying no to everyone else so that you can say yes to yourself at times.  We all need those healthy boundaries in place because we cannot take care of anyone else if we are not taking care of ourselves!

So my lovely Ladies, if you are feeling overwhelmed, feeling like you are about to explode at any moment, chances are it's past time to put B&B into affect!  Balance your portion and set up healthy Boundaries so that in your giving of yourself to others, you won't leave you with nothing left for you!

Be Blessed,
Xo Amy


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