Ask & Receive

Hey there Lovebugs :)

How many of us want something right now?  Whether it's a job, money, a piece of candy, whatever, we just want it? But of those things that we desire, how many  of us have asked for it? 

Many of us simply do not have what we want because we haven't asked for it. We've complained. We've hinted around. We've even manipulated others. But have we tried just... Asking? 

Matthew 7:7 says "ask and it will be given to you..."  Oh how many of us have missed out on blessings all because we didn't ask. How can we expect to get that promotion if we don't ask about it?  How can we expect to receive revelation from God if don't ask Him?  How can we expect to receive what we need from our spouses if we don't ask for it?

Right now, think about those things that you desire, those things that are really pressing in your heart. Have you went to God in prayer to ask Him for it?  Have you asked around to see how you're suppose to start that business? Have you asked the teachers at your children's school how their performance is?  When are we gonna open out mouths?!

Let today be the day we begin asking for what it is that we want. No more pouting, complaining or huffing and puffing because we have not gotten what we have not gotten it.  Besides, we know that closed mouths just won't get fed!

Amy :) 


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