Are You Moving in the Direction of Your Faith?

Happy October Lovies :)

With every new month comes the opportunity to make it better than the month before. With every new week comes the opportunity to make it better than the week before.  Every day we are blessed new grace, new mercies and a fresh start.  Are you taking advantage of each day that you've been given?  Are you taking each day as an opportunity to be better, smarter and wiser?

We all have a purpose here on this Earth and with God, we can move towards fulfilling that purpose every day.  One thing that is a requirement of fulfilling our purpose is faith.  Do you believe, without a shadow of doubt, that you can and will fulfill your purpose?  It's one thing to know that we have purpose.  It's quite another to actually move on it!  Hebrews 11:1 says "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"  Even if what we are hoping for is not directly in front of us, can we still move in faith, knowing that eventually what we are hoping for will actually happen?  Can we still strive towards our purpose when the people who are closest to us don't support us?  Can we still keep moving forward even if it looks like we're not going anywhere?

When we are pursuing our purpose, we must move in the direction of what it is that we are believing to happen.  If you believe that God told you to start your own business, have you started on your business plan?  If you believe that you are destined to be a millionaire, are you managing your money correctly?  If you believe that you are meant for more that where you currently are in life, are you taking the necessary steps to find out what it is?  

Let's get moving Lovies!  Knowing that we have purpose is an excellent first step.  Now it's time to move in the direction of our faith and allow God to lead us right into the destiny that He has planned for us... and you know it's gonna be great!

Keep moving forward,
xo Amy


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