Hey Lovebugs :)

When was the last time you rested?  Rested your thoughts, your body, your nerves?  Sometimes, we can just keep going and going and going that we don't realize we need to rest until we drop.

 Our bodies need rest. They need the time to rejuvenate and refresh especially after strenuous activity. It's all apart of balance.   The same thing goes for our minds and spirits. Many of us have been praying for healing, not realizing that the remedy could be as simple as rest. But what about testing in God?

When we enter into God's rest, we enter into a state of surrender. We hand it all over to Him:  our problems, worries, weaknesses, shortcoming, pain, hurt, etc. When we enter into God's rest, we're saying "ok God, I done tried it my way, now it's Your turn!"  

So Lovies, I encourage you to rest. If there was something that we could've done to change our situations, we would've done it by now... right?  Resting in God will not only lift our spirits but should give us a sense of relief because we know that when we hand anything over to The Lord, He'll take care of it! 

Amy :)


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