Counting Your Blessings

Hey there Lovebugs :)

Have you ever had a moment where you say, "I have a great life!"  Even with the twists and turns, the ups and downs, I still have a great life. What would happen if we counted our blessings instead of our blessings? What if we are quick to point out the good just like we point out the negative? 

If we are alive, we're blessed! If we can see, we're blessed! If we can walk, talk, eat and breathe, guess what? We're blessed! Take a sec and think about just how good we REALLY have it. The things we take for granted are some of the very things other people WISH they could have! 

So Lovies, counting our blessings helps us to see the good that is in our lives which we often overlook. Oh how much more joy we can experience if we would be intentional about looking for blessings instead of watching our burdens!

Amy :) 


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