Can You Be Real with God?

Hey lovebugs!

Do you think that you can be really real with God?  Can you tell God all that you've done even though he already knows it?  Can you be intimate with God allowing Him to come into places that you haven't allowed anyone access to?  God desires for us to have an intimate relationship with him.  He wants us to come to him for everything, our pain, our hurt, our joy, our successes.  He longs for us to have that beautiful friendship with Him that we seem to have with everyone else BUT Him.  The same Way that we spend time nurturing relationships with man is the same way we have to nurture our relationship with God.   He wants us to let Him in. He wants us to be honest with Him about everything.  Honestly, can we do that?  I say the answer is yes!

We can start today by revealing to God everything that is on our hearts.   We can tell Him about the things we struggle with, tell Him the things that hurt us, tell Him everything that's on our minds.  Something happens when we share everything with God.  We begin to get close to him. And that is all that He wants from us.

So Lovies, I ask you are you ready to be real with God? Are you ready to be close to God? Are you ready to have the most beautiful relationship that you can ever have?  If the answer is yes, there's no better day than to start working on your relationship than today :-)

Amy :)


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