Beautiful Surrender

Happy Wednesday  Lovies! 

Sometimes… we just don’t feel like it! Lol! Yes, there are those days when you just don’t feel like reading another encouraging word, tired of hearing that everything will be alright, just tired of it all. Now please understand, feeling like this doesn’t mean that you’ve given up, you just surrender! Yup! You’re just giving it all away; choosing not to deal with, acknowledge it or even pay anymore attention to it. And oh yes, you care. You’ve just decided to release it to God and keep it moving! 

Something beautiful happens when we surrender. The weight gets lifted, our minds are eased and peace envelopes us. We deal with whatever comes our way with calm in our spirits, not allowing anything to faze us and even interrupt our stillness. Many misunderstand this for indifference or lack of care when in all actuality, we’re just refusing to be moved.

God can do SO much when we are in a state of surrender. He can move things & turn things and do it swiftly! Yes, faith without works is dead however we do have to allow the seeds that we’ve sown (positive attitudes, reciting affirmations) to grow so that we can reap the harvest! 

So, for the rest of this week SURRENDER! Let it allllllll go! That issue, that problem, that trial. Surrender it all unto the Lord so in exchange you may receive a peace that will weather the storm.

Amy :)


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