Be Ye Ready!


Hey there Lovebugs :)

So I have a confession... I wasn't ready.   You might be thinking,  what is she talking about?   Well, last night, I went to pick up Hubs from work. Little did I know, I would be meeting one of his coworkers. What's wrong with that?  I wasn't ready! You see, Hubs got off late and I had put my hair in bantu knots for the weekend.   The plan was to go to his job, wait in the car, he come outside and then we drive off. Simple right? That's what I thought... until Hubs asked me to get out of the car. 

Now,  let me say this: there is absolutely nothing wrong with rockin bantu knots!   My problem was that my knots weren't the most prettiest knots I could do. I only put them in for bed. After meeting Hubs' coworker,  I said out loud  "Lesson learned" so God could hear me. What if he was a potential client?   What if he was a potential investor in my business?? Granted, I'm not saying we should walk out of the house with prom dresses and floor length furs to go to the grocery store or make some runs. What I am saying is we have to make sure we are neat and well put together because we never know who we'll meet!

We are in a season where we need to be ready Ladies. Some of us are looking to be married but we have to make sure we're prepared physically. You don't want to meet your Boaz not looking your best right?  So take that extra five minutes,  take that extra glance in the mirror because we have to be to ready Ladies. We never know what (or who) we'll meet!

Amy :)


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