No Sacrifice, No Reward

Hey there Lovebugs :)

Why does it always hurt when it's time to sacrifice? I mean, we know that we have to give up some things in order to get some things but why is giving up or letting go of something (especially someone) difficult? It's because we're comfortable!

Who doesn't like being comfortable!  Our minds are at ease, we can relax and chill and just take it easy. But the moment our comfort zones are threatened, we go into defensive mode. We may make excuses, look for the easy way out or just plain ole refuse to leave. But what if everything we ever wanted or dreamed of is waiting right outside of our comfort zones? 

It all boils down to this, what are we willing to do to get what we want in 2014?  What sacrifices are we willing to make to get it?  Are we willing to go through the temporary pain to get to long term success?

When the moment comes for us to sacrifice, we need to concentrate on the prize instead of what it cost to get it. Focusing too much on the sacrifice will cause us to become discouraged and even disappointed. So let's keep this in mind, the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the reward!

Amy :) 


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