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Hey there Lovebugs :)

Imagine how much smoother our lives would run uncluttered. With all of the junk removed, we can function better, think better and ultimately, live better. Many of us are just going through life carrying baggage and junk that is just waiting to be unloaded. But for some reason, we just continue on because we've gotten use to it. Well, the time has come to unclutter our lives!

2015 is approaching us and I don't know about you but I REFUSE to bring the old into the new!  I mean who does?  Mark. 2:22 says we are to pour "new wine into new wineskins" so quite frankly the old cannot dwell with the new. Would you put old engine oil into a new car?  Doesn't make sense right. But yet some of us bring the old into newness EVERY DAY!  Much like a home that accumulates stuff over the year that produces clutter, our minds, bodies and even our hearts do the same.

Uncluttering our minds calls for us to renew our minds and we renew our minds by meditating on the Word. Our perceptions are not always our realities and in some cases, our situations will begin to change simply by changing the way we think and look at it. When was the last time we thought about what we thought about?  When was the last time we took inventory of our thoughts?  Meditating on the Word is an effective and proven way to unclutter all of the junk that we've accumulated in our minds (I.e. strongholds, unhealthy thoughts, false perceptions). Once the clutter has been removed, not only will be able to think better and clearer, we'll be able to make healthier decisions that are based on truth!

Uncluttering our bodies will involve detoxing them. What do we eat?  Better yet, how much are we eating? Do you ever notice how after we eat a big meal we become tired and sluggish? It's as if all of our energy has been sucked out of us. That's because we need to take better care of our bodies by watching what we eat and how much of it we're eating. Now I'm a Foodie.  I LOVE great tasting food. But I know I have to discipline myself. Food is fuel and too much of it can slow us down.  We have to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. We can exchange soda for 100% juice or better yet water. We have to listen to our bodies when it communicates that we've had enough. We have to listen to our bodies when it communicates which foods makes us feel good and which ones don't. Our bodies are our temples and we have a responsibility as to how we take care of them and what we do with them.

Now here's a big one: Uncluttering our hearts. Many of us have let the pain, hurt and regret of yesterday harden our hearts today. We're bitter, cold, offensive and downright standoffish. Some of us may not even be aware that we're behaving this way but there is hope. The way to unclutter our hearts is to allow God to give us a new one. God longs for us to be real and intimate with Him. Relationships thrive on disclosure so the more we share with each other, the closer we get to one another. Imagine going to God, bearing all and afterwards, feeling refreshed and at peace.  Imagine telling God everything that's on our hearts from the heart we experience in childhood to the betrayal we experienced in our adult relationship. Imagine after we unload everything in and on hearts to Him... And then He heals them. That's just how awesome God is!  He'll take our old hearts, even if it's in pieces and give us a new one that's healed!  How great is that!

So Lovies, uncluttering our lives is very important especially if we want to experience all that God has for us. There's something freeing about unloading and clearing out the junk in our lives. We become healthier and happier. 

To help unclutter your life, join the Healthy Living and Eating Initiative here at Roxie's Powder Room. The purpose of the Initiative is to provide healthy living and eating alternatives for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit.  We'll be featuring new recipes, healthy hair tips and even a book club.  To sign up, send us an email with your name, contact info and reason for joining at

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Cheers to an uncluttered life!
Amy :)


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