Striving for Consistency


Hi Lovebugs :)

Consistency. It's one word that can save us so much time, frustration and disagreements.  How many of us are good at starting something but not so good at finishing it?  We get a great idea or great revelation and proceed full steam ahead. We're into it, even say we're gonna stick with and before you know it, we just stopped. What happened?  What changed?  We did!

Being consistent helps us to be reliable and loyal. No matter what we're dealing with or what we're up against,  we can still be trusted to be consistent. Also, discipline and consistency go hand in hand.  We have to be accountable to ourselves and tell ourselves that we have to keep going even when we don't want to.  Think about how many opportunities we've missed because of inconsistency.  Think about how much growth we could experience if we could just be consistent.

We all have work that needs to be done,  myself included. We make things harder on ourselves when we keep starting and then stopping what we're suppose to be doing. Are you ready to do something different?  Are you ready to change your ways?   Well resolve in your heart and get ready to make the effort to start being more consistent TODAY!

Amy :)


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