Ready for a Healthy Lifestyle?


Hi there Lovebugs :)

Many of us desire to have a healthy lifestyle. We want to eat right, look good and feel good.  We want to be in the best shape possible and will even result to drastic measures to get there.  But having a healthy lifestyle isn't about what we eat.  We have to also consider the way we think and also what we feel.  Think about it: What good is it to have a nice body with 0% body fat but you live in a constant state of worry?  What good is it to have six pack abs but you're an emotional wreck?

Having a healthy lifestyle will involve some decisions and sacrifices.  Have you made the decision that you want to be healthy?  Have you decided that you know there are some changes that have to be made and you are willing to make them?  Are you ready for your life to change for the better?

Roxie's Powder Room launched the "Healthy Living and Eating Initiative".  The purpose of our Healthy Living and Eating Initiative is to promote healthy living and eating alternatives for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit.  By joining the Initiative,  you'll get access to daily tips and posts, such as bible verses, recipes and health & fitness tips, all designed to assist you on your healthy lifestyle journey. 

So, if you are ready to begin living a healthy lifestyle,  contact us TODAY at!  With support, accountability and encouragement,  living in a healthier way can be REALITY... starting now! 

Looking forward to working with you soon! 
Amy :)


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