Making Room for What (and Who) You Want!

Hello Lovebugs :) 

What is it that you're believing God for? Right this moment, what are you waiting for and expecting Him to do? Ok, last question: have you made room for it?

Many of us are waiting for God to do some miraculous things. We're waiting for a husband, a new job, new clothes, new everything. But, what have we done to prepare for it? What room have we made for it?  If we looked in your closet RIGHT NOW, would you have room for new clothes?  If we looked at your resume RIGHT NOW, would you have room for a new job/business?  If we looked at your heart RIGHT NOW, would you have room for a husband?

God is looking to bless us in this season but how can He when we have things in the way. Resolve in your heart TODAY and begin to take action in making room for those things (and people) that your believing God for. Remember, God can't fill a seat that's not vacant!

Amy :)


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