Hi Lovebugs :)

Do you feel protected? Do you feel safe and secure? Do you feel like someone has your back?

There are times when we feel like we're all alone going through what we're going through. We feel mistreated by this person and used by that one when all we want is to feel safe. When we feel unprotected, we resort to drastic measures to protect ourselves, making sure that no one or nothing will hurt us or cause us pain. It sounds good right? Being the one who looks out for us. But what about Jesus?  Is He not the one Who will defend us? 

For a long time, I would defend me. If no one else looked out for Amy, Amy would. I put my trust in my ability to keep me safe. If something didn't look right, I avoided. If this person was suspect, I backed away. All because I wanted to make sure that I was taken care of because I felt like there's no one who could really take care of me... Until I came back to Jesus. 

I had to learn that a God I couldn't see would defend me. I had to trust that a God I couldn't physically touched cared so much about me, really cared more about me than me. When you feel let down or have been disappointed one too many times, it takes you to a place of self reliance. And God had to break me out of that. (Truth be told, He still is!) Can I really trust God to defend me?  Can I really believe that He has my best interest at hand? The answer to both questions are yes!

Has it been easy? Absolutely not! Do I believe it's worth? Yes! Why? Because we have to understand that God sees everything while we only see a fraction of it. We have to accept that God loves us more than we could ever think or imagine and because He loves us so much, He wants the best for us. 

So Lovies, we have to shift our thinking, shift our beliefs when it comes to being protected, when it comes to our security. When we've gotten use to being our own defender, it can be pretty scary to hand over the reigns to someone else. But why not hand them over to Someone Who love you more than you and wants nothing but the best for you. How do we do this you might ask?  Well, the only way to find out is to trust... and believe..

Amy :)


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