All it Takes is a Little Faith!

Hey Lovies :)

Happy Friday to ya! 

While reflecting on the time the Ravens won Super Bowl back in 2012 , I started thinking about faith and how sometimes, it's all we need. When the game started, you could feel the adrenaline rush of the players. Everyone is excited and pumped up, ready to play. And as the Ravens kept scoring, I said "Oh, they came to play ball." But something funny happened. Just as they were gaining momentum, the lights went out! Immediately I said to my husband, "Oh this is nothing but a test!" I watched on as the announcers stated that it would take 15 mins for things to come back on. 15 mins later... still no lights. Then, they said it would take 15 more minutes. 15 mins later... STILL no lights. Finally, after 34 minutes, the lights were back on. But what was interesting was, everyone was concerned that the Ravens would lose their momentum. And when the 49ers, scored again and then again, fans were starting to get nervous. But in the end, the Ravens went on to defeat the 49ers with a score of 34-31.

As I sat and thought about the game and everything that transpired, I thought about how God can allow things to happen to test our faith. He sees that we are on top of our game has everything in order and then BAM! Something happens! It during those moments when "the lights go out" that God can see what we are truly made of. Can we trust that everything will still go according to plan when it's dark? Can we still trust Him even when there's a delay? Can we STILL trust Him even when the other team looks like they're gonna win? Watching this game has definitely helped me & even changed the scope of my faith. It's amazing how God can use something as simple as a football game to teach us all a lesson.

So the next time the lights go out, causing things to be delayed, get back up & keep moving! Just remind yourself of what you ARE going to accomplish, reaffirm your promises, and then look yourself in the mirror and ask, "Got Faith?" Amy :)



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