The Power of Change

Happy Tuesday Lovebugs :)

How comfortable are you in the midst of change?  When everything and everyone is changing, can you still remain focused and on task?  There is something particularly exciting and a little scary about change.  Well one thing is, we don't always know how things are gonna work out.  We wanna know the what's, the how's and the why's and sometimes, we just simply will not have all of the answers.  But then there's the excitement that comes along with being on an adventure to a place that's new.  The idea is that while all of this change is occurring, what are we doing?

Some of us can be all over the place when change comes.  We feel like chickens with our heads cut off, not knowing where in the world we are going, let alone how to get there.  We are so use to being control that the minute change comes, all craziness breaks loose.  Let's get one thing clear:  we can't control EVERYTHING!  Nope, I'm sorry :(  But what we can do is, allow for God to do what in needs to do while behaving in a way that's pleasing to Him.  The best thing about trusting God in the midst of change is that He ALREADY KNOWS what's going to happen.  So... wouldn't it be wise to trust Him?

So many great things come about in the midst of change.  We began to grow, mature and evolve.  So the next time change is on the horizon, submit to it.  Yes, it will be uncomfortable at times, and it may even be frustrating.  But know that God can be trusted to guide us to the place where He wants us to be and eventually, grow into the people He wants us to be!

Change is good!

xo Amy


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