May Day: Reclaiming Our Future

Hey there Lovebugs!

How are you?  We're shifting our focus on RECLAIMING OUR FUTURE!  This means we will be rediscovering just what is our purpose being here on this Earth.  What is it that we were born to do?  What is that God created us for?  What am we suppose to be doing? 

The first step in Reclaiming Our Future and rediscovering our purpose is very simple: ask God!  Yes, ask Him.  He's the One that created us, gave us our personalities and the gifts, talents and abilities like no one else.  Matthew 7:7 says, "Ask and it shall be given to you.."  so according to this scripture, if we ask God what our purpose is, He will reveal it to us. Spend some time in prayer tonight, seeking God and His wisdom when it comes to rediscovering your purpose.  Make sure you take the time to really LISTEN  to what it is that God has to say.  And know this, you may not get the answer right away but that does not mean you stop seeking.  God will surely answer your prayers in due time!

So Lovies, it's time for us to stop settling for what people have given us and reclaim the things that God wants for us.  You can live out your purpose.  You can wake up everyday and have the opportunity to do all that you were created to do.  But in order to begin doing so, all we gotta do.. is ask!

Amy :)


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