May Day: Reclaiming Our Future Part III

Hey there Lovebugs!

We're still RECLAIMING OUR FUTURE!   We've already discussed two steps to Reclaiming Our Future.  Step 1: Ask God.  Step 2: Assess our abilities, gifts and talents.  Today we're gonna explore Moving Into Action. 

It's one thing to say that we are gonna do something, it's quite another to actually do it.  How many of us are waiting for the "perfect time"  to do something?  "I'm gonna wait until the kids get older and then..."  "As soon as I get more money, then..."  "When it the weather gets warmer, then..."  We have to recognizwe and accept that the perfect time to do something is when you actually start doing it!  Plain and simple!!  As soon as we start moving is when God will begin to open doors for us.  James 2:17 says "Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead."   If we want to pursue our purpose in life, we have got to get moving!  And let me tell you:  don't expect for things to just cme to you.  There have been times when I believed that God was gonna stop by my house and drop off my blessings!  Boy was I wrong!

So the time is NOW Lovebugs!  It's time to take action and go after whatever it is that we want, even if we don't know exactly what it is.  The point is, is to get MOVING!  I'm so excited for what God has for each and every one of us.  Know that with Christ,  ALL things are possible so if God spoke it, then IT IS!

Love ya,
Amy :)


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