May Day: Reclaiming Our Future Part II

Hey there Lovies :)

We are continuing to focus on RECLAIMING OUR FUTURE by rediscovering our purpose and another way to rediscover our purpose is assessing our abilities, gifts and talents.  Abilities are acquired through training.  Gifts are what we receive from God to serve others.  Talents are things that we do that come natural to us.  What is it that you do well? What is it, that when done, it's like second nature to you? What are the gifts and talents that God gave you?

I want you all to grab a sheet of paper and a pen and list all of your abilities, gifts and talents. Examples of abilities include: driving, typing, operating machinery, etc.  Examples of gifts are:  wisdom, revelational knowledge, faith, healing, etc.  Examples of talents are: singing, writing poetry, painting, etc.  I would like for you to really sit down and concentrate on the things that you are able to do well but really be honest.  Do not put down what you would like to do if you actually do not have the gift to do it!  Get in a still and quiet place and begin to meditate on your list.  What is it that people say that you do well?  What drives you?  What are you most passionate about?  These are some questions that I would like for you to meditate on while compiling your list.

Lovebugs, I am TRULY excited about us rediscovering our purpose.  Far too many of us are just going along with the program, settling for what we're given instead of going after what we want.  Imagine being able to get up every single day fulfilling the purpose that God gave you!  Imagine doing something that you are most passionate about!  Well Loves, you are on your way!  The next step on your destination is your destiny!

Amy :)


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