May Day: Reclaiming Our Friends

Hey there Lovebugs :)

How good it feels to have great friends!  It's great to have friends you can confide in, be real with and even share secrets with.  Our girlfriends are there to wipe away the tears, cheer us on and give us advice when we need it (and sometimes when we don't!) They're there for some of the most important events in our lives.  But what happens when close friends aren't so close anymore?

The bond that develops between friends can be unbreakable, long lasting and fruitful.  But every now and then, something will come to test the friendship.  Whether it's a new relationship that leads to marriage, having to relocate to another state or a dispute that leads to no communication.  Whatever it is, it's time to RECLAIM OUR FRIENDSHIPS!

What is it that YOU need to do?  Yes, YOU!  Even if things weren't your fault, there is still something that  you can do.  Do you need to forgive?  Do you need to let some things go? Sometimes things do happen that are out of our control but we must remember to remain in control.  Make sure that whenever you're in the midst of tense situations, you're behaving in a godly and respectable manner.  We're responsible for the way we live and we must always remember to remain Christlike at all times.

Reclaiming Our Friendships will involve effort from all parties involve.  Make the choice to forgive and let go.  Make room for God to do what needs to be done.  But we have to make sure that whatever we do, we do it out of love!

Amy :)


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