May Day: Reclaiming Our Friends Part 2

Hey there Lovebugs :)

If we're gonna to Reclaim Our Friends, we have to be prepared to invest our time. Relationships simply will not grow without. Think about it: how can we expect to get to know someone (or in this case, get to know someone all over again) without spending some time with them?

Now granted, we all have lives. We all have a million and one things going on. But we also know that we will make time for those things we find to be important. We may not have the time to hang out like we use to before the marriage, before the kids, and before the job/career/business. We may not be able to go here, there and everywhere due to us saving for a house or our kids' college tuitions. However, can we find some time to get together with our girlfriends just like old times? 

So if you're serious about Reclaiming Your Friends, do me a favor. Pick up the phone. Call your girlfriends. Schedule a get together within the next month. Instead of talking about it, we're ginna be about it!  It's time to Reclaim Our Friends!

Amy :) 


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