May Day: Reclaiming Our Fitness Part II

Hi Lovies :)

How are ya today?  We are moving right along, still focusing on RECLAIMING OUR FITNESS.  In yesterday's post, we talked about internal cleansing being the first step to Reclaiming Our Fitness.  Simply put, we need to change the way we think.  Our thoughts have a powerful effect on our behavior so in order to live and be healthy, we have to first think healthy.  

Today, we are gonna concentrate on getting everything out by means of writing our thoughts on paper.  Yes, we are going to get it ALL out!  So grab a pen and some paper because we are gonna write out every negative thought, every hurt, ever frustration, every issue, EVERYTHING!  This exercise may take more than a day and that's ok as long as you start.  Begin with the most pressing issues, those things that are really keeping you from doing and being your all.  As you start compiling your list, It's ok if your list is short and sweet or even a mile long, everyone's list will be different.  There is something very therapeutic about writing.  The way that we are able to release all of the negativity, the hurt and the pain in a constructive and safe way is very good for us.  The idea is for us to release it ALL.  To purify and cleanse our insides in order to make room for all of the good that God is readily available to pour into us.

I'm really excited about what's to come for you guys.  It is the desire for us here at Roxie's Powder Room for each and every one of you to live the healthiest lives possible.  With every day that we are blessed with, we can make the decision to think healthy thoughts, purge ourselves of all negativity and strive towards a life full of healthiness, beauty and most of all, Love :)

Amy :)


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