May Day: Reclaiming Our Femininity Part II


Hey there Lovies :)

Hope your day is going quite lovely!  Well, it's the last Friday in May and we are finishing strong in our May Day series.  We are still RECLAIMING OUR FEMININITY and here at RPR, we are truly excited about it! 

Yesterday, we talked about the first step to Reclaiming Our Feminity which is, believing what God says about women.  Today, we are gonna talk about what we believe ABOUT OURSELVES.  What do you love about yourself?  What do you love about other women?  There is something truly beautiful about women.  We laugh together, cry together, vent to each other.  I really want us to focus on the beauty of being a woman and dispeling some of the lies that we may be telling ourselves.  No longer will we say we're not good enough.  No longer will we say we can't do it.  We are going to speak and believe truths over ourselves so that we can revel in our beauty!

Here's what I want you to do:  grab a sheet of paper and pen.  Finish the following statements:

1.  The things I love about myself are __________________________________________

2.  The things I love about being a woman are ___________________________________

3.  My strengths are ________________________________________________________

4.  If I had to describe myself in 5 words, they would be ___________________________

Really take your time when completing this list.  This is not something I want us to rush through.  Once you complete this list, keep it in a place where you can see it and read EVERY DAY to remind yourself of how beautiful and wonderful you are!

I am so happy for you Ladies!  We are well on our way to Reclaiming Our Femininity and don't worry; we're not done yet!  Know that you are beautiful just the way that you are and there is NOTHING that no one can say or do about it!


Amy :)


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