May Day: Reclaiming Our Families Part 2

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Reclaiming our families will involve a LOT of dedication, commitment and prayer!  With that being said, I wanted to share a post that my husband wrote about a year ago.  Hope you all enjoy!

Hey RPR Family,
            This year I made the resolve to claim, take back, and get everything that was stolen from me and my family. I had this discussion with my wife to try and see what ways we could do that. For all you saved people you know the enemy doesn’t give anything up willingly but you have to fight for it. This particular fight, though, I could not go into it using the same ways I have used in the past, the same tools I used in the past, or the same people. I had to do something different because I saw my family lacking in many natural and spiritual ways. At first I tried the man approach. You know that approach that is simply the worldly male way of taking charge over my house. I would just say do this or do that and expect being that I was the head of the household, priest of the home, the man in which God had place in control that everyone would have to obey. Of course that didn’t work.  It only aroused the anger of my wife, my children, and my God. I got frustrated and disappointed whenever I saw my family not adding up to what I thought was God standards. I was still determined however to Reclaim My Family and go take them to levels never seen. “How could I Lord?” “They are not listening God?” “Get with them?” Just some of the prayers I used to pray. It wasn’t until April 1st when God had spoke to me and said go on a mouth fast that I was able to see what my family needed. God had told me fast from speaking. I sat there for a moment and then asked God “How?” he said “SHUT UP!!!” Lol. God had told me to do it this way:
1-      Talk only when asked a direct question
2-      Talk only when handling God business (question about bible or prayer line)
3-      Talk only when praying to God
4-      Talk only when praising or worshipping God
So I started the fast and in the beginning I was looking to see how God was going to do this and what kinds of changes were going to be made in them, but God had other plans though. I could not talk to anyone for a month and because of that it gave me the opportunity to see and hear God in many areas of my life that I had not been listening to him before in, especially with my family. He showed me in order to reclaim my family, I had to change. “Wait me? Naw! I am saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled, I can quote it at the drop of a dime, and how could it be me?” “Well you are all those things but are you HUMBLE!!” He said. “Humble? Humble? Humble? Huh?” I pondered this thought for a moment and at first rejected it thinking it can’t be me. It was in that moment that I realized it was. God Himself had just told me I needed to work on being humble and I rejected His word. I felt as small as an ant at this point because the whole time I'm thinking that the problem is with them I did not take a glance at myself. WOW!!! I got the biggest revelation of my life. My prideful ways was giving the enemy too much room to come into my family and cause trouble. It has got to change, I have got to change, and this can’t be so!!!!! So, I immediately repented and looked into what it meant to be humble. I found that the true meaning of the word is not being beneath someone or under someone as many would believe, but I discovered that it meant this:
Humble- personal quality of being free from pride or arrogance AND having an accurate estimate of one’s worth.
That definition changed my whole mindset. Humble was not a bad word or action to me anymore but an entire lifestyle in which I knew who I was and what I am worth. I meditated on Philippians 2:1-18 until I practically had it memorized and saw that Jesus with all his power and anointing was the very example of humility. Once I did all these things, I was tested and God really tested me. I was put in some situations where I even had to humble myself  to my children which made me feel like I was beneath them but I had to remember the definition of humility was not about that but, about knowing myself. About mid April, halfway through, I began to see the change both in me and in my family. My kids would throw temper tantrums and I would not respond to them but pray or just wait for them to finish acting up and then respond after hearing what I needed to do. I began to realize that in order to get my family back, in order to claim them, in order to be the leader of my house, I had to be an example. I had to show them what a real man looked like. Before I was saying and not doing but now I had to do. I had to also trust that whatever I could not do in my power, God would definitely do in His. I had peace that I had never known before and the enemy was mad! I had got a strategy, a plan of action to destroy the foot holds and I worked it until it was worked! My whole house had changed. I bonded more with my children, I bonded more with my wife, and I bonded more with my Lord. It had put me in a place not only just to hear them and God, but also myself. You see during this quiet time I had to look internally to see what the source was of all these things I was doing. I really think that was the most difficult part of this whole process but, the most beneficial part as well. So family, if your goal is to make a change in your house or to reclaim your family you might try SHUTTING UP! Lol! You never know what you might find.

                                                                                                            Martin Ricks (“Hubs”)    


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