May Day: Reclaiming Our Faith

Hey Lovebugs J

Can you believe it's the second day of May already?!  For this month, we are gonna concentrate on reclaiming what was lost, stolen or taken.  So today, we're gonna take the first step towards reclaiming our stuff is RECLAIMING OUR FAITH!  Before we do anything, our relationship with God has to be in order.  Matthew 6:33 says “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  This means putting God first, above everything and He’ll take care of everything else we need and even what we desire. 

Also, growing a relationship with God involves prayer and reading God’s Word.  Prayer is a dialogue with God.  Through prayer, we communicate to God how thankful we are for Him, anything that troubles us and for guidance and direction.  Prayer is so important because how can we go about having a relationship with someone that we don’t even talk to!  Reading God’s word gives us access to answers to many of the issues we face in this life.  For anyone that needs healing, deliverance and even wisdom, it can all be found in God’s Word.

Another way to reclaim our faith is through fasting.  Fasting is abstaining from something (usually food) so that we can receive from the Lord.  Fasting accompanied with prayer unlocks so many doors.  By denying ourselves things that we pleasure, we are offering a sacrifice to the Lord.  Many things occur while fasting.  Fasting can release healing, revelation and even supernatural miracles. (For more information on fasting, you can email us at

So Lovies, we are well on our way to reclaiming, restoring and renewing EVERYTHING that has been lost, stolen or taken from us.  When our priorities are in order and we put and keep the Lord first in our lives, wonderful things WILL happen in our life.  All we have to do is keep moving forward, maintaining our relationship with the Lord and allow for Him to bring us those things we want, desire and hope for!

Amy J


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