May Day: Reclaiming Our Faith Part 3

Hey there Lovebugs :)

Happy New Week! Have you ever struggled with believing something that was promised to you would really happen?  Have you gone back and forth trying to figure out how it's all gonna work out?  Guess what, you're not alone!  

All of us has moments when our faith is challenged. We know that God means what He says but it's during those times of waiting that we can begin to... Doubt. So, what do we do??  Talk to God!

One of the great things about God is He allows us to "cast our cares upon Him and He will sustain us" (Psalm 55:22). We can go to Him and tell Him how we honestly feel. We can tell Him that we're struggling to believe. We can tell Him that  we need help remaining steadfast in our faith. We can share with Him that we just don't know!

It's easy for is to slip into unbelief if we worry about the details of how things will work out. That's not our problem. When God promises us something, He already has EVERYTHING worked out, the who's the what's and the how's. All we have to do is just remain in faith and believe! 

Amy :) 


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