May Day Celebration

We did it Lovebugs!

31 days ago, we set out to begin reclaiming what has been lost, stolen or taken.  Today, we celebrate our completion of May Day!  In the last month, we've focused on Reclaiming Our Faith, Family, Finances, Future, Fitness & Femininity!  We are SO excited to have been on this journey with you & now.. IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE!

It is our prayer that we have been helpful in assisting you all with your journey of restoration, renewal and rejuvenation.  We all have the choice every single day, to start over and have a fresh start.  Life is full of journeys, lessons and discoveries and RPR is here to help you every step of the way.

Now that we've completed May Day, we are gearing up to re-launch our Healthy Living & Eating Iniative!  This Iniative is all abour promoting healthy lifestyle choices for us to live the healthiest lives possible.  We will be featuring delicious recipes, lifestyle tips including discussing ways to have healthy hair and skin!  

For those that are interested in submitting any articles, devotionals and/or recipes for our Healthy Living & Eating Iniative, please email us at!

I'm proud of you,
Amy :)


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