Relationship Reflections

Hi Lovebugs :)

During my QT with Jesus, I realized that we can tell a lot about a person’s relationship with God by how they interact in their other relationships.  What do I mean?  Well, the more you spend time with someone, the more you start to behave like them right?  So, the more time we spend with God, the more we become like Him.  See, God is a GOOD God, a God who is fair, a God who wants us to forgive quickly & a God who wants us to love Him & others.  How can we show God’s love to others if we don’t spend time with Him?  How can we represent God if we don’t allow ourselves to even come into His presence?  Now I’m not saying that people who don’t know God aren’t nice people, I’m just saying that you can sense when a person knows and spends time with God.  It shows in their behavior, their mannerism and even in their decision making.  The love of Christ shines so brightly, that people recognize a certain “glow” or even say “there’s something about you”.

It is my prayer for us as His children to reflect Christ in all of our relationships, whether it’s professional, personal and socially.  That means doing things such as being forgiving, loving, caring and gentle.  Starting today, let’s make more of an effort of making Jesus look good by the way we treat others because for some people, we are the only reference of Christ that they can actually see!

Amy :)


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