God's Forgiveness

Hey Lovies and Happy Good Friday :)

I learned an important lesson last night about God’s forgiveness.  Now, I already know that He is quick to forgive us when we mess up but the problem is I struggle with forgiving myself when I do.  God is truly rich in mercy and has compassion for His people but I still feel SO awful when I mess up.  I mean I feel like the world is over!  I asked God to help me to discover where this feeling stems from.  He simply said “Lies.”  Whoa!  You mean to tell me I've fallen victim to the enemy’s lies to the point where it created a stronghold??  Not good!

Now as I stated in my previous blog post, a stronghold is an incorrect belief that influences our decision making.  So when I mess up, I go into full panic mode because I feel like it’s just the end for me (LIE!).  I say “Oh Lord, please forgive me! Please please please!”  And because I don’t feel forgiven, I think I’m not.  I feel so guilty but Romans 8:1 says “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”  So you know what that means?  Guilt is a LIE of the enemy straight from the pits of hell! God reassured me that not only does He forgive us but He will never stop as long as we keep confessing our sins and turning away from them!  Jesus paid for our sins when He died on the cross.  So, each time we’re forgiven, He sees us as pure and holy again.  And He doesn't even stop there!  He remembers our sins no more!

Once I allowed this to really get into my spirit, I asked God to help me to quickly forgive myself just as quickly as He forgives me.  And I decree and declare that this is a stronghold that WILL be torn down in the name of Jesus!  I will be delivered!  I will be set free!  I will have peace and forget what is behind me and continue to press toward the mark!  I AM forgiven and so are you :)

Amy :)


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