Believing That We've Been Changed

Hey there Lovebugs :) 

We all want to change something. Whether it's our hair, our jobs or our bodies, there's always something that we feel can change. We even go to God and pray for Him to help us to change. We cry out, fast, pray and consecrate all for the hopes of God performing a lasting change either within or around us. 

But something happens when God does change things. We get excited in the moment. We have an all out praise fest. We dance. We sing. We shout.  Then we wake up the next morning.. feeling the same. This morning feels like all of the other mornings. The same old alarm clock. The same old breakfast. The same old job to oh to. Just the same old, same old. Then we think "God I thought things had changed. I thought it would feel and look different. What's up?"  

Here's the thing about change:  first you have to believe a change has occurred, regardless of if it looks like it has or not. Change starts in the mind. If we think something long enough, we'll start to believe it. And when we believe it, our actions will support what we believe. So if God has said and even shown that change has occurred, all we have to do is believe it!  That's it. 

The second thing is change doesn't always look like change. What do I mean? Sometimes change is subtle. It happens over time, little by little. So when  we look for things to change, we at times expect a big, theatrical performance when it all actuality we will see little bits and pieces of change here and there. Allow for change to have its pace and space. We cannot force things to change. We simply have to let it happen!

So Lovies, when we have decided to change and begin making the necessary steps to change, we just have to keep believing, even when things look and feel like they haven't changed. By continuing to believe and letting change happen, it won't be before long that the very change that we believe to be, we'll see!

Amy :) 


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