Beliefs and Strongholds

Hey Lovies   

So, I received this revelation after speaking with a friend of mine.  Imagine telling yourself something over and over and over again until the point where you believe it, whether it’s good or not so good.  Eventually, you will create a stronghold.  A stronghold is an incorrect belief that influences one’s decision making.  Because strongholds are created based on the lies the enemy has told us, it’s definitely something we need to be delivered from. Some people have lied to themselves for so long that they’ve actually transformed the lie into a (false) truth in their minds.  We cannot allow the enemy not even a foothold to wreak havoc in our lives and the number one place he aims for is… OUR MINDS!  We have to be very careful what we feed our minds just as much as we have to be careful what we feed our bodies.  Just like Jesus mentioned in Mark 4, with the Parables of the Sower.  The enemy cannot stand when we allow the Word to take root in our lives so he will do everything possible to distract us, annoy us, lie to us, get us to not only lie to ourselves but to BELIEVE the lies, etc.  Thank God that He loves us as much as He does and is ready & willing to help us whenever we need Him.  All we gotta do is ask!

One great way to check and see if what we are telling ourselves is the truth is to look in the Word!  My Big Sister, Prophetess Racquel, taught me that God will not tell us anything contrary to His Word.  So for reassurance and confirmation, delve deep into the Word and see what He has to say about it!
Another great thing to do is to write affirmations and SPEAK them or as a few of my Sistas say “Declare & Decree”!  That’s right, we gotta start speaking those things as if they already are!  The more we speak it, the more we believe it!  It’s been said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit so how about for the next 21 days, we speak (declare and decree) those things that we believe will come to pass (Got FAITH??)  *I will be checking back in three weeks to see how everyone is doing with this!!!*

So, from this day forth, we have to be VERY careful what we allow in our minds.  Just like Mama Joyce Meyer says, our minds are a battlefield.  So be armed, prepared and ready to fight for positive thoughts for they will produce positive actions which will result in a positive life!  (Did I just declare & decree something??  Well yes, I believe I did J)

Amy :)


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