Are You Willing to Pay the Cost?

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Being a Christian requires us to live in a way that's honorable to God.  We are called to be "doers of the Word, not just hearers" (James 1:22).  That means we are to do exactly what the bible.  The bible says we are to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44).  So guess what? We love our enemies.  The bible says wives are to submit to their husbands (Ephesians 5:22).  Guess what wives?  We have to submit to our husbands.  There is definitely a price that is to be paid to live for Christ.  The question is are we willing to pay it?

Living for Christ will cause us to make decisions that aren't exactly popular.  For example, the world may promote revenge and retaliation but we are called to live in peace (Colossians 3:15).  So we have to turn the other cheek, forgive and hand over our cares to God.  Romans 12:19 says "Vengeance is mine to repay, saith the Lord" so God will take care of those who have wronged us so that we don't have to.

Living for Christ requires us to give up our lives.  When I say give up our lives, I mean instead of doing what we want to do, we choose to do what Christ is calling for us to do.  We may have grown up wanting to be a doctor or a lawyer. But after receiving salvation and developing a relationship with God, you discover that you are actually called to start your own business or are called to preach the Gospel.  When living for Christ, we may have to give up what we think we should be do and instead, walk in what we are called to do.

There is a price to pay being a Christian but the rewards are SO worth it.  When we receive salvation, we are then promised to spend eternity in Heaven with Christ (John 3:16).  When we receive salvation, we can also enjoy perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3), joy (John 16:24) and prosperity (3 John 1:2).  So a life lived for Christ does have a huge price tag but the benefits are priceless!

Amy :)


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