31 Days of Style: Celebrating You!

Happy New Week Lovebugs :)

It's March 31st which means we've completed our 31 Days of Style series!  I pray that this series has been helpful when it comes to enhancing your personal style.  From bracelets and necklaces to handbags and umbrellas, Roxie's Powder Room has scouted out great pieces for Spring.

When it comes to personal style, we have to make sure that it's just that: personal.  We have to find out what works for us.  This is where experimenting and trying new things comes in to play.  When you're out shopping, TRY ON EVERYTHING!  This will cut down on exchanges and returns and will also give you an opportunity to see what best compliments your body type.  (Stop being lazy and try those clothes on!)

Spring is a great time to experiment with color if you're usually a person who sticks to black, white and/or grey.  Add a pop of color in your wardrobe with a belt, some earrings and even a purse! (It's all about baby steps).  The point is to find out what works best FOR YOU!

So Lovies, cheers to 31 Days of Style!  Feel free to revisit past posts to get inspiration for developing or reinventing your personal style.  Besides, no one does a better job at looking like and more importantly, being you than you!

Amy :) 


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