Love Keeps No Record of Wrongdoing

Hey there Lovebugs :)

I have a confession: I'm recovering from being a Scorekeeper.  What's a Scorekeeper you ask?  A Scorekeeper is someone who keeps record of what wrongs have been done to them.  There are times when I can run back who has wronged me and how they've wronged.  I've done it for SO long that God has had to break this particular trait out of me.  I reasoned that by keeping score, I can keep those who rack up too many points at a comfortable distance so that I won't be hurt.  But it wasn't until God stepped in that I realized that love keeps no record.

"What do you mean?!?" I thought.  "So it's ok for people to hurt you over and over again and still keep loving them???"  Oh boy I struggled with this!  You're talking about a person that has experienced some deep hurt, hurt that I was determined to NEVER experience again.  God had to massage my heart.  Actually, He had to give me a new one, like His, so that He can use me to give what others need the most: Love.  Love isn't love until it's what you use to get through.  We can tell how much someone loves us by how they are there when things are rough.  We can tell how much someone loves us by the way they sacrifice time doing other things to be with us.  God had to teach me what love truly is and love doesn't keep score.

So I've had to turn the other cheek.  I've had to forgive even though I didn't want to (being honest here!).  I've had to still do good to those (offer my help, my service and my time) to the very same people who's actions have broke my heart into pieces! (SO not easy!).  But God reassured me that whenever I show love, I'm showing people Him.  Even though at times it's the most unpopular thing to do, the most painful even, the fact that when we show love, we show Christ will produce a flood of love that can turn this world around for the better, but most importantly, turn the hearts of those who've given up... on love :)

I Corinthians 13:5 ".... it keeps no record of wrongdoing."



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