31 Days of Style: What to Wear on "Dress Down Sunday"

Hey Lovebugs :)

When many of us hear our Pastor say that we will be having "Dress Down Sunday", we can get a little panicky. There are some who take the whole dress down thing to a ANOTHER LEVEL! Now granted, it's ok to wear presentable sundresses with some nice flat sandals or even a pair of jeans and a nice top. But how do we keep it from going too far??

Here's some ideas on What to Wear On Dress Down Sundays: 

Pair a knee length skirt with a tee and some flat boots and there you have it: chic and comfy!

For those who prefer pants, opt for some jewled ballet flats, loose fitting top and a scarf and keep it moving!

Dress down but the color is turned up in the cute coral ensemble :)

Simple yet cute!

Can't get anymore comfortable and chic than this! 

Hopefully, this will solve your "I don't know what to wear on Dress Down Sundays" dilemma. Remember, keep it respectful and also keep it cute. You don't have to sacrifice style when you're allowed to dress down ;)

Amy :)  


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