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Hey there Lovies :)

I wanna talk to my Ladies today.  Why is that we have to wait until we have the man, the perfect job, this amount of money, etc. and THEN we start preparing?  We wanna wait until we get "it" to start doing better, acting better, dressing better, etc.  We just want to wait until that perfect time to START getting it together when we should be already in PROCESS of getting it together.  Why are we waiting?   What will it take to get it together NOW?!

Let's talk about relationships.  The same way we get a guy is the same way we keep him, meaning we get all dressed up, get our hair did, nails did, etc.  but then something happens when we are in the relationship.  We stop putting forth as much effort (myself included).  Why do we do that?  What makes us stop putting forth the effort?

Another thing, What keeps us from giving, feeling and looking our best EVERY day?  What causes us to just give a mediocre performance?  What's going with us?  I know we're tired.  I know we're overwhelmed but we HAVE to make time to take care of ourselves!

When was the last time we did something for us?  When was the last time we got our hair done?  Brought a new outfit?  Loved on ourselves?  Are we not worthy of being loved?  Are we not worthy of being cared for?

Now is the time to take the necessary steps for us to breath again, to be free, to be US!  Are you ready to start living again? Are you ready to walk in your femininity? There's no better day than today to start living a better way!

Amy :)


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