The Return of Fashion Fridays!

Happy Fashion Friday Lovebugs :)

I am pleased to announce that Fashion Fridays ARE BACK!  Who says you can't be Fly & Favored, Saved & Sexy?  Fashion Fridays are all about showcasing cute clothes, fly shoes and hot accessories. Many people, even Christians, believe that once you are saved, the dress code dramatically changes.  I'm not talking about the obvious changes (removing tight, revealing clothes from your wardrobe).  I'm talking about removing clothing that's form fitting, has pops of color, etc.  I'm trying to find out who changed the rules??

Now, I absolutely LOVE dresses.  They are so feminine, so girly, so pretty!  If I could wear dresses every day for the rest of my life, I would.  So for our first post for the return of Fashion Fridays, I wanna dedicate it to my love affair with dresses :)


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