New Year, New You

Hi Lovebugs :).

Can you believe it's the 8th of January already?!?  It was just New Year's Day!  

We're still celebrating the new year and a new you by continuing with our Healthy Living and Eating Initiative. The purpose of the Initiative is to promote healthy living and eating alternatives for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit.  Each week we will feature new recipes, health and fitness tips, skincare tips and more!  If you're ready to become a better and healthier you, email your name, contact information and reason for joining to! 

RPR also offers additional support in the form of weekly one on one sessions for those who like to live and eat healthier.  In each session, we will discuss and implement goals that are aligned with your desire to have a healthier lifestyle.  If you would like to schedule an assessment, email us at!

There's no day like today to begin your journey of healthy living and eating. By joining the Initiative and receiving weekly one on one sessions, RPR can help you become an even BETTER you! 

Amy :) 


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