If We Don't Like It, Change It!

Happy New Weekend Lovebugs :)

Can I be real with y'all?  For the past couple of weeks, I've been struggling with accepting that my body isn't exactly how I want it to be. Yes, I had my daughter almost four months ago so it will take some time for me to look and feel the way I felt pre-pregnancy. But the thing is, I want to be better and healthier than I was. I even asked Hubs if I looked fat and he looked at me half crazy and said, "No Amy! You just had a baby!"  Even knowing this, I still have looked in the mirror and quickly pointed out what I wanted to change.  Why do we do that??

While sitting with Hubs, I came to the realization that if I don't like something, I need to change it!  There's no need to sit and murmur and complain about something and not think of a solution. Will I go on some insane diet plan and exercise 4 hours a day to get the body I desire?  Absolutely not!  I'm gonna be more diligent about making the necessary lifestyle changes to get the results I want. 

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? When you look at your life, do you see only what's wrong?  Well, it's time to change the way you think!  In order to change something about ourselves, even our lives, that we don't particularly care for, we have to start thinking about and eventually doing something to change it!

If we don't like our hair, CHANGE IT! If we don't like the way our homes look, CHANGE IT!  If we don't like how we look, CHANGE IT!  

There's no need for us to complain about anything else if we're not willing to change it. If we want something different, we gotta do something different. 

So, what are you ready to change?

Amy :)


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