Do You Pray for Others Like You Pray for Yourself?

Hey there Lovebugs :)

What another beautiful day that we've been blessed with! 

What was the last time you prayed for someone?  When was the last time you went before God and interceded for someone other than yourself?  There are time where it's not our money or our resources that our family and friends need from us. It's our prayers! 

There are some things that only prayer can fix.  Having that dialogue with God can do more for our situations than we believe. Think about this: how does it feel to discover that someone is praying for you?  Great right?  Because it shows that you were on their hearts and their minds and they took the time out to come and speak to God on your behalf. That's love!  Wouldn't it be great to do that for someone else?

So the next time we're in prayer, send up a prayer for that friend who's struggling to leave that unhealthy relationship. Say a prayer for your boss who's struggling with home issues that they bring to work. Say a prayer for that father who's missing his kids all because their mother won't let him see them because she's bitter about the breakup. 

There's so much power in prayer and how great it would be to use some of that power to help others!

Amy :)


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