Joy After This

Hey there Lovebugs :)

I don't like pain.  Any chance that I can avoid it, I do.  But God had to show me a thing or two about pain.  The main thing being is, that it's temporary.

We all know the expression "no pain, no gain" so that means in order to experience any type of growth, increase or promotion, we must experience a little pain and discomfort.  Let's take Jesus for example.  Jesus died for us. He had to endure being crucified so that we can live.  Imagine if he chose not to follow through because of the pain involved.  Where do you think that would leave us?

Another thing God showed me was that although pain is temporary, it lasts longer when we focus on it.  We have to change our focus from the pain that we temporarily endure to the joy that awaits us afterwards. 

So as God increases my tolerance for pain (I still don't like it), I resolve to focus on the joy and victory that's to come. Besides, the only way we can get to something is to get through it!

Amy :)


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