Hey there Lovebugs!

Just 13 more days until 2014 which also means 13 more days until the launch of our Healthy Living and Eating Initiative!  By participating in this Initiative, you will have access to daily bible verses, healthy and delicious recipes, healthy hair tips, fitness tips, and encouraging words to get you through the week.

Many of us desire to have a healthy lifestyle but aren't sure how to begin living one.  Also, there are some of us who started various diets and exercise regimens but sadly, didn't follow through with them :(  With this Initiative, you will not only receive great tips and info, but you will have the support (and accountability) of fellow participants!  So, you're not in this alone!

I personally have been preparing for this Initiative FOR MONTHS by doing research, locating and building a team that has the experience and expertise that will benefit those who are participating and even cleaning up some of my own eating habits.  I DARE not ask something of someone else that I have not or will not do myself!

So, if you would like to take the next step towards healthy living AND healthy eating, email us your name, contact info and reason for joining the Initiative to!

Let's get healthy!
Amy :)


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