Hey Lovebugs :)

Happy Tuesday to ya!  How much do we really wanna know the truth?  When we talk about the subject of truth, the saying that comes to mind is "the truth hurts".  Also, the scripture John 8:32 also comes to mind, "they shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."  So based on these two statements, we conclude that the truth hurts but it also sets us free. 

Let's talk about the truth hurting. Why does it hurt actually?  Could it be that we've gotten comfortable living in our fabricated, safe worlds and the truth will destroy them?  Or could it be that the lies we've told ourselves feel too good that we will come against anything that threatens it?  The truth has the ability to knock our worlds completely upside down. The truth also has the ability to hurt our feelings and sometimes to the point, where it changes our lives permanately. But, are we so starved for comfort, that we would risk our character, our reputation and even our lives all because "the truth hurts"?  

Now, According to John 8:32, the truth will set us free. Now wait a minute.  You mean to tell me there is freedom in truth?!?   There are SO many of us who pray and pray and pray to God to be set free from this and that and all of this time, freedom has and always will rest within the truth!  My Lord!

So Lovebugs, although the truth may hurt, sting and even be downright uncomfortable, the word says it will set us free!  Now the question becomes:  are we willing to experience a little bit of pain so that in the end, we can experience a whole LOT of freedom?

The choice is yours,
Amy :)


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