The Strength of a Promise

Hey there my Lovebugs :)
When God says that He's gonna do something, we can rest assure with 100% confidence that He will do it.  He means exactly what He says.  He means is so much that when He says He's gonna do something, we can act AND behave as if it's already done!  1 Corinthians 1:20 says "For all the promises of God in Him are yes, and in Him amen..."  So, if no one else can't keep a promise, God surely can!

God's promises carry so much weight with them that we can draw our strength for them.  How many of us are currently waiting on God to bring to past what it is that He's promised?  *raises hand*  Ok, now how many of us have grown a little weary because we're STILL waiting and we thought that we would've received them by now?  *raises both hands*  What are we suppose to do then?  WAIT.  Yup, wait.  I'm sorry I don't have some deep revelation or a 5 step program for ya.  All we gotta do is... wait.  See, when God says He'll do something, we know He will, we just don't always know when.  God's timing is WAY different from ours.  We want what we want NOW with whip cream and a cherry on top!  God however usually takes us through different stages and phases to prepare us for what it is that He plans to give us.  Think about it.  Would you give your 13 year old keys to a car he has absolutely NO idea of how to drive?  Would you promote a co-worker to Vice President of the company who only has 6 months of experience in the customer service field?  The answer (hopefully) should be no!  And it's not because we're mean or horrible, it's because they have to WAIT until they're ready to handle such responsibilities!  And here's the thing, God is no different!

So Lovies, don't be discouraged when you find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for what it is that God has promised you.  Instead rejoice and celebrate because you KNOW it's coming!  We have to use this waiting time to draw our strength upon knowing God's makes good on His promises and do our part in preparing for it.  God knows exactly where we are!  He also knows the precise moment, time and date that He will deliver that which He promised to us right in the palm of our hands :-)


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