Hey Lovies :-)

There's nothing like great friendship! I'm talking about the kind of friendship where you can both be real with each other. The kind of friendship will you can reveal deep secrets to each other. The kind of friendship will you can feel safe and secure with one another. Can we honestly say that we have that with our girlfriends?

Who's that one person you can call on when times get rough? Who's that person you can call on when you need an ear and a shoulder? Who's that person that will celebrate you in one second but check you in the next?

We all want to be surronded by people who genuinely love us. People who have our best interest at hand. People we travel on this journey called life with. There's nothing like great friendship. Having great friends in your life makes the journey less lonely and more exciting. Do you celebrate your friendships? Do you honor those who are there for you? Are you intentional about being a good friend as much as you want a good friend?

Let's celebrate our girlfriends today Lovies. Let's celebrate those friends who have been with us through thick and thin, who knows our business and still loves us, who has our back at the drop of a dime. Great friends are priceless and it's about time we honor them as they deserve!

Amy :-)


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