Family Matters

Hey there Lovebugs!

Happy New Week!  Hubs and I are basking in the glow of such a BEAUTIFUL weekend full of family time.  Anyone who knows us, knows that we LOVE our family and spending time together.  The Lord was extra good to us!

Do you know that you don't need a lot of money to have and enjoy family time?  There are some of us who believe that we need an abundance of money in order to have a good time.  Not true!  My family and I enjoy free activities as well as activities that are a little costly.   The whole point of family time is just to spend time TOGETHER!  From eating together at dinnertime to week long summer vacations, quality time spent with the ones we love are priceless.

When was the last time you spent time with your family?  When was the last time you actually went out with your family?  Has it been a while?  Well, the great thing is you can start today!  Make some time today to spend just a few moments with your family as a start.  Show your family that they are priority right after God.  Show your spouse that time spent with them is time well spent. Show your children that time spent with them is well spent. Show the rest of your family that time spent with them is well spent.

The time is NOW Lovies to invest our attention and time into our families.  The enemy wants nothing more than to cause division and strife in families but guess what?  He won't win!  God put our families together so let's honor Him by honoring each other.  Each day that God blesses us with is a gift.  How about we share these gifts with those we love :-)

Amy :-)


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